The Farmhouse Planner Launch

Finally! It’s The Farmhouse Planner 2021 launch day! I have been anticipating this day for MONTHS, and I couldn’t be more excited for these new planners to find a place in your own farmhouse. You will have 3 different cover options to choose from – White Barnwood, Holstein Love, and Red Linen.

I hope these planners find their way into your farms and inspire you to live so you can look back and be proud of all that you have accomplished. The Farmhouse Planner is designed to remind you daily that everything adds up, there’s joy in every day chores, and that happiness truly is found in life’s simple moments—in the barnyard, in the kitchen, and often in between the second and third cup of iced tea on a sunny summer afternoon. Above all else, we hope that The Farmhouse Planner encourages you to be intentional with your dreams, finding joy in what matters each day, and helps you get back to your roots – and to live like they did 100 years ago on the old family farm.

A Planner Designed for the Busy Farmhouse

What will you fill your planner with? A list of goals you plan to accomplish on your farm? Meals you plan to cook with the vegetables from your own garden? Inventory of your pantry and freezer? I know you will make good use of the white space and enhance your vision for the future with the very first planner designed for farmwives, moms, business owners, and everyone in the trenches – meeting the needs of their community through agriculture and sustainability.

My family is so grateful for your love and support! Now hop on over and get your copy of The Farmhouse Planner on pre-sale! As our first customers, you will receive special welcome gift included in each shipment. You will be so glad that you did! Buy yours here!

I hope you join me in The Farmhouse Planner 2021 launch! The Pre-sale event ends October 1st. Planners will ship in the order they are received beginning October 25, 2020.

The Farmhouse Planner 2021 Launch Day Event. Order yours today. Receive 20% off your order with code pre-sale2020 as well as a special gift for the first 20 customers.