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The planner for farmwives, moms, and entrepreneurs

We are expected to be the parts-runner, have food ready at a minute's notice to be taken on a field trip, manage the kids, write the blog, do the animal chores, and still have time to do what matters to us.  It can be overwhelming. 

I know - I live it every day.

I didn't just want to create a planner - I wanted to create a place to write farm improvement goals and personal goals.  I wanted a place to plan out the garden that made sense - and a place to write a reminder to water those precious seedlings!  With this planner on your homestead, you will be able to keep track of your seed collection, pressure canning times, livestock supply lists, doctor appointments, date nights, and everything in between. 

We live a unique and rewarding life - and we deserve to have a place to organize our farmhouse.  

And so, The Farmhouse Planner was created.  From one farm wife to another.


There was nothing out there for farm wives!  I need this in my life!

I am so excited for The Farmhouse Planner launch!  This is going to help my farm and family SO much!

Our lives are so unique!  FINALLY there is a planner with the farm life in mind.