Hi!  My name is Jessi and I'm the owner behind The Farmhouse Planner.  I'm a farm wife, mom, and daughter.  I grew up on a farm and just never could leave.  This life is so unique and rewarding.  I love it...but I was struggling.  After I had our 2 beautiful children, I found myself tired and overwhelmed.  It was so hard to keep up with everything.  I needed a place to organize our own farmhouse.  And so...The Farmhouse Planner was designed and created out of a need that I had in my own family and life.  There were so many planners out there, but none of them were truly designed with the farm life in mind.  

Therefore, many late nights were spent designing after the kids were in bed, which led to the creation and launch of The Farmhouse Planner.  The planner that was made specifically for farmwives, moms, and entrepreneurs that are trying to do it all between farm chores, meal planning, appointments, gardens, preserving, and everything in between!  

The Farmhouse Planner

The Farmhouse Planner is on presale from August 1, 2021 - October 30, 2021

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at sales@thefarmhouseplanner.com.